Dr. Geoffrey H. Tison, MD MPH

The Tison lab is led by Dr. Geoff Tison, a practicing cardiologist, NIH-funded researcher and expert in machine learning and artificial intelligence applied to medicine. He obtained formal training in epidemiology, statistical methods and machine learning during his tenure at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and as a National Institutes of Health T32 scholar. His clinical areas of expertise include internal medicine, advanced echocardiography/cardiac imaging and preventive cardiology.

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Sean Abreau, MS

Mr. Abreau is a Data Scientist and Researcher in the Tison Lab. He specializes in developing models across the machine learning and deep learning spectrum to advance medical disease prediction and prevention.

Josh Barrios, PhD

Dr. Barrios is a Computational Biologist and Data Scientist in the Tison Lab. He applies machine learning to drive inferences about biological systems and to improve various clinical medical applications. 

Robert Avram, MD MSc

Dr. Avram is a cardiologist, machine learning practitioner and clinical researcher. He is a post-doctoral scholar with the Tison lab leading multiple projects focusing on deep learning and digital health.


Jeffrey Olgin, MD

Dr. Olgin is the Co-Director of the UCSF Heart and Vascular Center and Chief of Cardiology. He is PI of the Eureka Platform for Mobilized Research and the Health eHeart Study, and is a key collaborator and advisor of the Tison lab.

Raul Yeomans, PhD

Dr. Yeomans has a PhD in Physics and completed post-doctoral work at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and UC Berkeley. He is a Research Associate with the Tison lab.

Neha Mantri, MD

Dr. Mantri is a cardiologist and clinical researcher completing a post-doctoral fellowship at UCSF. She is leading several research projects with the Tison lab.

Gunvant Chaudhari, MD (candidate)

Mr. Chaudhari is a medical student at the UCSF School of Medicine. He completed his bachelors in Neuroscience at UCLA and computer vision research in Electrical Engineering. He is involved with research projects with the Tison lab.

Roland Li

Roland is an Undergraduate student at UC Berkeley studying computer science. He is contribuing to multiple projects with the Tison lab.